4 comments on “Why?

  1. So true! I did a dozen years plus in an aussie state pol dept – got injured on the job & discarded by the same dept for the work induced injuries/illness! Changed my viewpoint forever on life & those who make decisions for others.. Keep up the good writing, just found your blog.

  2. Eric,

    Thanks for the comment. I have seen so many cops here hit the same way. It has been a hot topic lately. Hope you are doing well, and keep up the good fight!

  3. Thanks for your reply – if you have any links or forums etc on the hot topic – I will only be too pleased to wade in! Best regards.

  4. Experience will change anybody’s perspective. Period. Sometimes when we realize the change that has taken place over time, it surprises us. Often the change is so gradual it isn’t realized for a while. Then, all of a sudden, you look at where you are now, realize where you were then, and say, “Shit! I’ve come way further than I thought I had!” I guess I just exemplified that… I typed before I looked to see what rules of language might apply here. My apologies! Yet language is one aspect of a cop’s life that is a fact, isn’t it?

    Me – I spent a decade or so doing about everything from dispatching and being communications supervisor to working the road (both nights and days) to investigating to criminal intelligence. Loved it all. Now in medical field, but still commissioned officer trying to provide some educational services as well as homeland security-type counterintelligence stuff they don’t have the budget to pay a full-time officer for.

    Spending time in the medical profession will change one, as well 🙂

    Being a cop was a particular blessing for me. It was one job that, more times than not, I could wake up and say, “Hey! I get to go to work today!” rather than “Dammitall, I have to go to work today!” That in itself is no small blessing!

    More later as I read and catch up on the blog here and elsewhere. Thanks for putting up this blog – it’s a neat one, and I hope it helps folks understand.

    406, OUT

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