3 comments on “The TASER at Kerry’s Speech

  1. 1) After a slew of warnings and clear instructions, the suspect still did not comply and got everything he deserved.

    2) My department does not have tasers. Had that taken place here, you would’ve had video of officers using aggressive strikes and blows on video. You would’ve also ended up with one very lumped up college kid.

    A few seconds of shocking pain, or a few weeks of bruises, sprains, and broken/ fractured bones. You tell me what YOU would rather experience.

  2. I could not agree more. It also seems like this genius wanted to set up the confrontation in the first place. I think it should be a unique and different crime to do that. What if a cop had been hurt? What if the weapon used hurt someone else? He should pay separately for a “fake” incident like this one.

  3. We, likewise, don’t have Tasers in my department (Boston Municipal Protective Services), so the kid would have gotten Pepper-spayed.

    I just completed 100 hrs of training for my SPO License, and our instructor (from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department) said that the officers were completely justified in using the Taser.

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