4 comments on “You Have The Right To Bite

  1. This affair is just too common. Let the city cut out the middleman, and issue a large dollar amount check to the girl. That’s all the family wants. The arrest was like a gift to them.

    Oh, and to complete the irony, let’s take action against the officer.

  2. That rings so true, JB. I have often wondered if some of these things are set up just to make some money. It seems like cities pay without even thinking. I guess it is cheaper to settle than to fight in court and win…


  3. I just wanted to say Thank You for putting your life on the line to protect and defend even throughout all the BS and PC crap they throw at you. My Husband is a Vet, he deployed 2 times to Iraq and he comes home to people who don’t care about his sacrifice. I wanted you to know that there are still people out there that care about your sacrifices. Please be safe out there.

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