One comment on “Cop Observation #2: People Are Basically Mean

  1. I wanted to be a police officer right out of high school, I wanted to become one so bad! I love my community and the people in it. I started college and even took basic law classes. I got a job as security at a local Target (Which you should know is great with partnering with local police.) Soon I was stopping shop lifters and really enjoying the job. My boss got replaced with someone who was a Drug Recognition officer so I was even more excited. He liked the fact that I was so into the reports and really delved myself into the work. Soon I saw the real deal, yes sir what these “cops” really do. My boss told me stories of when he would stop women they would offer bribe and he would do it! He told me how he cheated on his wife with other officers and how he curb checked someone and made it look like he “ran into a wall”. He told me this laughing by the way. And no he did not get fired his wife worked as an STL at another target so he joined. Soon my boss changed too instead of spending time with me developing my abilities he was only concerned with HIS pay and what made HIM look good. He had this obsession with his image that was disturbing. I kept telling myself over and over that he is only one cop they are not all like this. BULL… When we catch shop lifters we call the PD to write a report and what not. Little did I know that this was fate and destiny calling me, I had one case where repeatedly during an apprehension the officers were radioing me turn the camera away when we make the stop. I thought this was fishy so I followed my heart and left it on the incident and watched. The perpetrator got caught and then spit on one of the officers. They put a spit gaurd on him but then I watched the officer take him to the side of the building and give him three blows to the chest. Kid fell crying. When they came in the OFFICERS told me to write in the report that the perpetrator ran and fell. I copied the tape and watched it over and over and you want evil that cop was evil, he even looked around before hitting the kid. I turned in the tape. One week later that officer resigned. I hold local cop watches and follow cops when they stop people, I put hidden cameras in my car, did some research on one officer and found that he uses steroids from a family friend by the way. (I got pulled over by the officer noticed he had tons of acne at like 35 and he was built… Good thing I wrote his name down!) I love seeing these new cameras at intersections, speed poles that catch speeders… Why because it’s making things fair again. AND my girlfriends ex boyfriend (Tried for marines, became a DOC officer, and now becoming a police officer in the academy as we speak.) Told my girlfriend via cell phone call, “When I see him driving I will stop him and some way he will go to jail.” So I hope this is a little insight and I’m happy to say I’m an upright citizen protecting the community from the corruption and hate that YOU know exists in the Department. You may protect and serve but who protects us from YOU!!!??? Yes the world is evil it always has been, If you are a genuinely good person that won’t effect your job or your life. America! Land of the free, free to the power of people in uniform! Thank you for providing your service to our country I am truly thankful for that.

    I have a clean record by the way (Not even a speeding ticket.), but my record stands strong at 5 officers resigned/fired, and better believe i will raise the bar.

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