3 comments on “Orange County Sheriff Indicted

  1. I’ll never forget attending my sister in-law’s academy graduation in 1999, wherein Sheriff Corona was the host. I, along with 7 other uniformed members of the Los Angeles Police Department, were humiliated when Corona rambled on at the ceremony about the disgusting corruption of the LAPD and how his Sheriff’s Department was beyond reproach. We left half way through the program as he continued talking about the LAPD as if it were the devil’s haven. Well, well, how surprised I am at these allegations against him. Shame on that dirt bag to pontificate about corruption when he’s well on his way to being convicted and to prove he has been one of the most corrupt individuals connected to law enforcement in recent history. Does the term “what goes around, comes around” sound familiar?

  2. While anyone can become crooked, I disagree with your remark about elected law enforcement officials. Sheriffs have been around long before constables and are the highest law authority in their county. They are beholden to the people as elected officials although in this day and age, that seems to mean jack shit to some. But, there are those who do defend and uphold the constitution. Sheriff Richard Mack comes to mind. I wish more officers were as beholden to that sacred document and the people whom they serve. Now a days it seems that many officers enjoy kicking protester’s asses, busting in on homes in the name of the war on drugs (Prohibition failed with alcohol so what makes this any different?) and disregarding laws they are supposed to enforce unless it is John Q. Public (talking on cell phones in their car or speeding….no ticket. Myself or anyone else, ticket and fine.)

    Cops seem to demand a lot of respect from those they are to serve and protect but it seems as of late they are happy to take that respect by use of tasers and “just following orders”.

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