7 comments on “9-1-1 Dispatchers; I Wouldn’t Do Their Job

  1. I thanked a guy once for sweeping my apartment building’s floor, and he said, “This ain’t me, it’s you.” The implication was that since I pay rent, and he’s paid by my landlord, that I’m paying him to work, and so am essentially doing his work for him.

    But that way of looking at things deprived him of his agency, as if it wasn’t he who was doing the work he was doing. I still believe in thanking people for doing what they’re paid to do, especially if they do it well.

    Otherwise you end up with an “entitlement mentality” and aren’t grateful for anything.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I was a 9-1-1 operator/dispatcher for several years. I loved that job. And yes, it was hard not to tell people that they were being idiots! But the first time I helped find a lost child made it all worth it.

  3. DRC

    Well said.

    I think that is the point on a lot of these issues: The one or two good ones make it worth the drudgery…


  4. We take you all for granted– we think you should be at our beckon call because it is your job– Not–

    Who is the police officer here in Az which is burnt to a crisp– he is my hero–

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