6 comments on “Steroids in Baseball: Symptom of a Larger Problem?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I remember saying, “stay on strike…” I just wish with all these kids looking up to the athletes (nothing we can do about that) they would do a better job. Sigh.

    Thanks for visiting…

  2. That sucks. It really does. Sport plays such a big part in people’s lives in North America, I feel for the kids and frankly anyone else who admired the players and like to watch a good game.

    I’m not sure about the “given a chance, people will cheat”, though. I do believe in honesty and I think people are better than we think… if we give them a chance.

  3. They’re going to keep making millions because people keep buying tickets and sports stuff.

    Until people get sick of the lying and stop watching the games and buying their stuff, they’re going to keep getting away with it.

    What player can get a salary if they don’t have any fans?

    So, what does that say about their fans? They are no different than the players.

  4. Hey– totally agre with you on this-
    how come you didn’t post when Adam had his Barry Bonds thread?

    mommy– lol– you are awesome!

  5. Hey- caffeine part of of steroids thinking?
    Hasn’t anyone been guilty of something? Not you Aristotle? But in order to win, IF IT IS YOUR THING, then cheating seems to somehow come to play– I cheated on exams- I would write dates on my hands so I could remember– that “A” was always so much better than the “B”– Now ask me which dates– no clue–

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