9 comments on “Britney Spears…Pay To Play, Baby

  1. Good idea.

    My wife told me after watching footage on the news this morning, “Really, there aren’t bad guys out there that these cops need to pay attention to? Just Britney?”

    At first I wanted to defend the cops, but then I thought, friggin’ celebrities always get this.

  2. i’m just playing devil’s advocate here.

    but, let’s say britney makes $10-20 million a year… i have no clue what the real number is… but somewhere around there.

    how much out of that would go towards city taxes? maybe 500-800k? more?

    but still, i was thinking the same thing you were yesterday. but then thought… you know, she probably does cover it, taxes-wise.

  3. Interesting point Lyle, I admit. I figure, though, that a police department (or fire department) runs on “X” dollars and counts on a certain load of work.

    It just seems celebs are a high percentage of that load. Of course, as you point out, they also pay more.

    I’ll go with it for now…but what about the fact that her accountants probably get her out of a higher percentage of her debt to society than, say, mine do? This stuff could drive you nuts!

  4. Hey–
    I saw you on Adam’s blog and I clicked on your name– your cop stories are a hoot–

    I’m Amphibious! I am still laughing–
    thanks– my son is a policeman too–

    As for Britney– she is a spoiled brat- and she needs to learn how to drive–

  5. cool site–

    I am having a great time reading these stories– you guys all deserve a raise– and Jay Leno needs you to write for him- as well as Letterman and Conan!! lol

    I am off to read more– the alligator story- you all are genuises– and thanks for the perspective from your side—

  6. Me again–

    I want so bad to post the -I’m Amphibious story on Adam’s blog– but first I want your permission and secondly- trying to protect this cool site–

    I did post on Adam’s post under his latest post- the word for the day is- Draconian- and I gave you full credit for using it-

    I hope Adam sees your site as you took the time to see his blog–

  7. Susan,

    Thanks for all the kind words. I enjoy Adam’s blog quite a bit too!

    Keep the faith…

    Philosophical Cop

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