4 comments on “True Cop Stories. A Simply Wonderful Police Site.

  1. I have been reading more of these stories– some of them made me wince–

    I am upset about K9’s considered as property- pet- I believe the author to the story said Texas– so if someone shoots at the dog, you can’t shoot back? these dogs have been trained to specialize in whatever areas they are trained for– so they deserve a different consideration and more protection– and I am sure you heard how an officer here this summer left his dog in the car all day long- and the dog died-
    I am a dog person– as you probably figured out—

  2. Susan…I agree. The site gets good visitors, too. The founder visits the Philosophical Cop often. She is having trouble getting cops to post their stories. Any ideas you have on getting that word out to cops would be great…

  3. what you have started is great. i’m going to get something like your doing started really soon and hopefully i can talk another one of my friends to do the same thing. on the bright side its also good PR for the police in general. btw were the same age but i havent had the experience like you’ve had yet. i havent even started the academy yet. 😦

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