7 comments on “In Defense Of The Warrior Cop

  1. This article written by John Wills is excellent– he put a whole persepective into the life of an officer– he also noted the diffence in the attitudes of being a police officer because of the changes– what is alarming to me is the 30% increase in the killing of these officers–

    My son did say once who t.v. focuses on the cops in action but how in reality he spends more time doing paper work—

    It takes a special person to want to protect the public and its citizens– and you guys are way too brushed under the carpet when it comes to recognition–
    thanks for sharing this great article– I will have to post a comment on Adam’s side- hopefully, someone will come read it– Adam left a new one- about border control–

  2. It definitely isn’t customer service.

    In the end, whether you lose your job or not, you’re own personal safety or the safety of others must always be your first priority.

  3. I like that Inspector quite a bit myself, Susan. Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

  4. I saw you on Adam’s—

    boy are you fair— we have already convicted and condemned OJ– Hard not to– and this has nothing to do with his alleged murdered victims– it his choice of friends he has now– I always watch him and his behavior– he is arrogant– and he thinks he is above all– I think he is insecure and he knows he is a fallen hero– so he has to make it up by grandoise attitude–

  5. Warriors? Please! I’m sick of this rediculous mentality that permiates police departments. You all are citizens that swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Quit fantasizing about the profession and get the work done the right way, with dignity, integrity, and honesty. And remember: Everything is cause and effect. What you do now will certainly affect you in the future.

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