8 comments on “A Tragic Little Piece From Darwin

  1. Oh Lord– that reminds me of my dad-who use to do that on our bannister after a few–

    how invincible we become after a few– and how stupid—

  2. I am copying this– if you don’t mind–

    I am reading the stories– thanks–

    I hope you saw over at Adam’s how I suggested this site– they are too busy over there– I think it is fun to check out the others– lol

  3. Do you have a tattoo? Just read the story about tattoo’s having to be covered–

    I don’t have one– but I don’t think it looks as bad on a man- as long as it isn’t one of those prison tattoo’s– scratch that- I don’t really care for them– depending who is the one wearing it- I should say–

  4. You have been busy lately? I keep looking for your new articles– Jen from Adam’s blog said she has been in here and read some of your articles–

  5. As you say, I have been quite busy…PC has a career too!

    To get a picture in the box, you have to download it somehow to your machine. Run a google search on the topic…I am afraid I am not an expert.


  6. No clue as how to do it–

    will come back later and check to see if your creative mind posted an article- meanwhile, I can always read the cool stories the nice officers posted on the carniveral day– I will be back later as I am out to do some work myself– xxx

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