3 comments on “L.A. Times’ Lopez Apologizes To LAPD Officer

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attenion. I am a Canadian and was unaware of this story and I too was impressed that Lopez would revisit it – that takes some guts for sure.

    I was also impressed with your comments, and with your blog in general. I would be interested in doing a piece on it for my own online news magazine and perhaps have you as a guest on my Sunday night radio talk show.

    So if that interests you at all, please feel free to reply to my email listed in this comment, or even just here.

    Your digs at the mainstream press reminded me of myself a little bit – it is the failings of hte mainstream media that inspired me to start my own news mag. Good to see I am not alone.


  2. THanks so much Fred. I would be thrilled to be interviewed for your online piece. Let me think about the radio show; as anonymity is key, I would worry about people recognizing me on the air. Go ahead and email me at philosophicalcop@gmail.com and we can certainly chat.

    Thank you for the kind words!!


  3. Fred followed through–

    Did or is Hatfield going to get his job?

    How does one determine when there is a chase going on if the criminal is carrying lollipops or a weapon? This is a tough call- A)If the creep hadn’t been breaking the law, then there would be no need to be on a chase
    B) Should the officers now wear on their uniform, since you put me in this uncompromising situation, and I might have to use physical force, don’t sue us
    C) Let these people, judges et al, go for a marathon run– they might need the exercise and let’s see what they would do-

    this pisses me off that the guy got three years and $450,000.00 AWAITS him when he walks out–

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