One comment on “Off Duty White Plains Cop Killed; Tragic Lesson

  1. I don’t understand why he didn’t put his gun down-

    Regardless, this is a tragedy– and I hope your advice is paid attention to-

    I remember a few months ago when I was going to Walmart and these two girls were having a fight outside of Walmart- and this is no lie- no one was doing shit about it- there was blood on both their faces- I started screaming at the stupid people to go get someone- and I was in between them trying to break up the fight- my knight in shining armor showed up- an off duty cop ran to my rescue- whipped out his badge and got this whole thing under control- meanwhile, no one from Walmart had come out and about twenty people just ignored it- I hate people sometimes- these girls could have done to one another some serious bodily harm as they were headed that way-

    What if one of them had a gun- he and I would have been history!

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