10 comments on “NYPD Cops Back McCain; Payback Time, Giuliani

  1. 32 thousand, are you kidding me? These guys (and gals) put their lives on the line every single day for us. I didn’t realize it was that bad.
    I couldn’t agree more; this is shameful.

  2. Im glad you agree Kip. One of my original goals with this blog was to get the word out — good and bad. That is shameful in New York City, of all places. Think what their cost of living must be?

    Thanks for stopping by…

  3. Great post! As a fellow officer in a major Florida city it saddens me to hear that our brothers and sisters are putting their lives on the line everyday for pennys !! Be Safe !

  4. Guliani tried to become president based on “I was in NYC during 9/11”. On that platform, 3 million other people can run, too.

    He was totally unqualified. He’s an impatient, nasty, impulsive leader who never could’ve run the country, and his short-sighted attitude about police and other first responders only underscores that.

  5. Hey you–

    I almost made a comment about Guliani in the salary post- as to what about Guliani and his alleged great work he did for the NYPD– but I didn’t– and now I see what I was thinking was just corroborated here–

    You know what I was calling Guliani when I would see his face on the television– Here comes the cheshire cat-

  6. I agree with this man. I just got back from the Navy and wanted to join the NYPD, but the wages seem disgusting even when compared to starting military pay(which on the contrary to the NYPD — has excellent benefits).

  7. Pitiful wages for everyday heroes. I hope, sincerely, that the wages increase soon.

    There are many people out there who just do not like NYPD or other police agencies. As the son of a retired cop, I empathize with the Men in Blue.

    Feel free to visit my blog, where my most recent post takes to task a very hateful deaf blogger (I’m deaf too, but don’t associate me with this twerp) who actually had the GALL to imply that the cops who perished in 9/11 may have had it coming to them! Sickening statement to make!

    My blog is http://thumpaflash.livejournal.com

    Hope to see you there, feel free to leave comments! Great blog you got going here!

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