9 comments on “The Philosophical Cop is Famous!

  1. Hey there–

    the web page will not display– so I have no clue as to what the Canadian online article is about-

    I want to read it– if it is about you- moreso– I think you are a real nice guy- and I hope you have been recognized- xxxx

  2. The article makes me want to hug you– I am copying some of it and posting it on the blog– I am so proud of you– I still want to know who you are– let this be your dying declaration in about 100 years when you have to leave here and go up there- make sure you tell someone to tell me- lol

    check this out-
    A Phoenix man, tired of having his car broken into by thieves, turned to YouTube to help catch the culprits, and the novel crime-solving approach has worked, according to a report on MyFOXPhoenix.com.

    Russell Palmer installed video cameras over his vehicle in his garage and uploaded the video onto the online video-sharing site, where more than 17,000 people have viewed the footage of two robbers breaking into his SUV.

    Police say the footage has helped to identify and capture one suspect so far.

  3. I wrote the editor a short note-

    Thanks so much for writing that wonderful article about Philosophical cop—I am his fan and I am so glad you acknowledged him and his purpose for having his site –

    More people need to know about him and his great articles-

    Susan Corral

  4. reply- from the editor or someone there-


    Thank you for your kind email. It is our pleasure to highlight blogs like The Philosophical Cop’s. And I agree that more people need to know about his articles. Hopefully, our article can help get him some well-deserved exposure. I hope you will continue to support him as well – with dedicated fans like you, how can he not succeed?

    Thanks and take care.


  5. I am posting another paragraph in the article on the blog about valor- on Adam’s-

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