8 comments on “Britney Back In Hospital; Cops Can’t Catch a Break!

  1. I can understand the desire to leave the populace to itself… a nearby town has just about done that. Bethel, a town of 6,000 people, normally has 14 police officers. Currently it is down to three officers and one of them is interviewing in another city. Sadly, I think the shortage of qualified people for the job will shrink even more… then the population will be left to defend itself – Maybe they’ll get along better.

  2. Telebush: I agree. Especially in a small town. When 2 cops are 15 percent of the force, your resources are quite limited.

    The conservative in me says keep the government out as much as possible. However there are the innocent victims, too. They need good cops. Sigh…

  3. Susan:

    I think they can for a few weeks at the doctor’s order. Then it would take a judge to commit her; much more lengthy approval process.

    Or maybe you were kidding?


  4. I was kidding but with the subliminal message-

    She ties up the court system too much with her antics– I would rather see the court deal with real issues and not some brat who can’t make it to court because she over slept- When I see her name on the news, zap gone- to another channel- lol

    Oh yeah– now it is her manager’s fault she is a drug addict- and her bipolar issue- whatever- I think she suffers from ADD-

    I have multiple personalites- My dog is Kujo and my green martian friends and I are planning a trip to Pluto after we visit the man on the moon- lol

  5. I was actually present when they brought her to the Psychiatric Hospital in my area. I’m not a Cop, but I worked closely with the Police at that time.

    I did notice the large escort, and all of the preparations that we had to go through for her arrival, and initially it felt excessive. However, when the paparazzi started to swarm, I began to understand the necessity. I feel that the complaints are ridiculous- you’re absolutely right: Most people don’t get that kind of treatment, because most people aren’t being followed by a huge group of aggressive photographers. For me- it’s the same as saying, well how come Mr XYZ political honcho gets such a huge security detail and I don’t. Well- because it’s much more likely that someone is trying to attack a big political figure than an average citizen. The police are expected to go to where the crime is, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise when the police are there to protect someone’s personal safety and privacy.

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