6 comments on “Election 2008: Who Will You Support?

  1. I was called a Populist Conservative. According to the survey, I have been supporting the right candidate for my beliefs. I don’t get much into politics but I know I can’t complain if I don’t vote.

  2. I am a moderate libertarian liberal– did I spell that right? whatever that means-

    Maybe you should run– You have my vote–

    Cindy Hensley McCain can give us the Busch beers to celebrate your victory-

  3. Well my dear friend-

    I think you would be a great President– and a fair one too- You would watch our backs!

  4. I got labeled a “populist leaning conservative”

    The problem I have with trusting politicians is they’ll say whatever they think you want to hear, then when you vote based on what you heard them say (and they get elected) then they show their true colors.

    I’m undecided who I’m going to vote for, but won’t announce who it is when I decide. I’ll just cast my vote and pray I wasn’t lied to.

    I will say this much though…I hope whoever is elected will close our borders and give the powers back to the border patrol instead of putting them in prison for doing their jobs.

    I just don’t get how the agents and Sheriff deputies can be fired upon like they are, and they can’t fight back. That to me is a declaration of war when you shoot across the border like that.

    If someone were to fire upon our cops within the united states, they would be arrested in a heartbeat….that is, if they survived the return fire.

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