18 comments on “LAPD SWAT Officer Killed; Hero Lost

  1. I read your profile– and saw your headless picture– your skin looks like you are young- not wrinkled- so now I am like trying to guess your age– hmm? with your experience– 40’s?

  2. We don’t think about the symbolism of our Badge until things like this happen. That it is not just a piece of Metal. That it represents our Committment to Protecting our Community from Evil. It is the modern equivalent of a Knight’s Shield. Honor, Duty, and Courage. My condolences go out to my friends on the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team. Words hardly convey my sadness at this moment.

  3. Sorry for your loss. I think it’s important for people to build online tribute pages for the ones we love, so they can live on forever. Right? I just built a page on http://www.nhor.com (National Hall of Records). It’s a great site and they’re having this free campaign right now.Just thought I’d pass the word in case you wanted to post a free tribute too! God Bless You!

  4. I very much enjoy your blog, and this post fully resonates with me. However, it is very insulting to denigrate others’ careers/jobs. Those who work in cubicles do, in fact, have life meaning, and their work is no less important. They drive economy, commerce; create jobs, advance industry, achieve efficiencies. This work affects the rest of society as a whole, and their lives are just as valuable.


    • I certainly never intended to insult or denegrate any profession or person. As a union employee and middle class guy, I appreciate, rely on, and respect each of those people you mentioned. I was more looking at the espirit de corps that I value in police work. Thank you for pointing this out, though….

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