6 comments on “Great Video of a Determined Cop!

  1. Oh my Lord– this is so frigging funny–

    I want to be his partner– we have the same mouth– lol– I love him– is he married? Send him my email address- lol

    Adam replied to your post on the democratic thread- by the way– and go read the China one– this will piss you off–

  2. I see you like to read Joseph Wambaugh– me too–

    I had to watch this again– I am so easily amused- lol

  3. Networking here-

    Comment by Adam Housley
    February 9th, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your opinion and I have so much more to add. It just gets so frustrating in these days. Where have all the good leaders gone?


    Yeah- philo– it is like the song- Peter, Paul, and Mary- Where have all the flowers gone?

    Go in there now and then and make yourself noticed- I can only do so much-

    You will get hits-


    Your agent and Adam’s too

  4. Laughed my sorry ass right OFF! Hilarious… but SO frustrating. Anybody believes a police car can’t get to the point of jumping out of gear/park needs to spend several hundred miles a shift in one…

    406, OUT (with a giggle)

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