15 comments on “Police Video Cameras; They Will Save The Cops

  1. That dude needs to seriously chill. OK, the kids were boarding where they are not supposed to be, well welcome to the real world Officer Ribiera.
    And I agree, the little outfit and toy car do not give him cause for self respect.

  2. Yell at them, tell them to leave, but go hands on? I’m guessing the law he was enforcing was an infraction. Which means, at least in California where I work, you can’t arrest. I’ve been in like situations where taking the board, stick, or other object is a good idea for “Officer Safety.” But here I don’t agree. I rarely, monday night quarterback a cop. But when he is wrong, he is wrong.

    Now on to the other issue. Why does it take a cop to cross the line to gain compliance? Why is it not the sheer fact a cop is talking to you that you do immediatly what he/she says?

  3. Fired, in the first minute of video. The only think he accomplished here is teaching those kids NOT to respect cops. Fired, fired, fired…

    And I am a Police Chief

  4. Welcome, Sir, and thank you for sharing your view…

    I have wondered aloud whether thugs become cops or cops become thugs. It is just this kind of case that makes me wonder. I suspect he might have been a jerk long before he took his oath.

    My first visit from a Chief. Very humbling.


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