13 comments on “What Would YOU Like to Ask A Cop?

  1. Scenario: Night-time driving. Two-lane road. Pitch black night. I’m driving north. There is a car coming south towards me. He has his high-beams on. Is it okay to flash my high beams at him to remind him to dim his lights, or will that get me in trouble if it is an officer?

  2. Just curious – what punishment do you feel should be dished out to drink drivers who cause fatal accidents? Is drink driving a problem where you are / is there a particular age group guilty of this?

    Only asking because every “Cops” type show I’ve seen from the US has its fair share of roadside humiliation (known as a sobriety test?) followed by the breath test!

    Personally I think they should be fined a huge amount of money and banned for serious time. I’d also be inclined to seize and crush their cars – but then I seem to be growing worryingly right-wing in my old age (still on the sunny side of 40)!

    Thanks – great blog by the way!

  3. In a situation like you posted a few days ago–You are wrestling with a critter, you haven’t lost yet, but you aren’t winning. I come by, and I’m willing to help. What would you like me to do? Is it different if I am large or small, or if I’m legally carrying a concealed gun?

  4. Serious question here–

    when the canines get killed in line of duty, do they have a special flag for them too?


    Dog Lover

  5. What kind of toll does being an officer take on your family? What’s your wife’s/kid’s biggest complaint?

  6. is the paper work hard? and is there a lot of paper work?

    with the 8 hour shifts and all that i hear that its hard to find time to spend with your family is that true?

    • There is a lot of paperwork. Policework IS paperwork. But that doesn’t mean it is necessarily hard. I think it is quite mechanical, meaning that once you learn how to do this or that type of report, they are pretty much the same.

      The shift work is difficult, but not for the reason you state. Most cops these days work 10 hour shifts, and some work 12 hour shifts. That is good and bad – good because you have more days off, but bad because on the days you do work, there is no family time.

      What makes the shifts hard is the 24/7 thing. As a new cop especially, you are going to work nights and weekends. I did so, and continue to rotate in and out, for over 6 years. Believe me when you work 4 or 5 overnight shifts in a row, it is hard to adjust back to day hours and be a good husband / boyfriend / dad. You are exhausted and cranky.

      I think when you say “family” you have to know that it takes a special woman / man to tolerate this career for sure. The first 5 – 8 years are the worst. Then you can seek out positions within most departments that help with the schedule. I have friends who work MON through FRI bankers hours doing administrative jobs. That is a very common thing to ask for during the formative years of your kids’ upbringing. But that brings more paperwork and ZERO excitement.

      Hope this helps, and feel free to email me at philosophicalcop@gmail.com if you have specific questions…

  7. what is a typical day for a cop? . . .
    i need this info asap cause im doing a projust on policing


    • I can truly tell you that there is NO SUCH THING as a typical day for a cop, and that is why I love it so much! Be assured, however, that the usual day is much more boring than you might think.

  8. oh and another question

    you know the movie cars?
    well the cop car in the movie has little spicks on the hubcap of the tire . . .
    do you know what there for?
    I’v always wondered about it

    Rebekah ❤

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