4 comments on “Utah Students Carry Guns To Class!

  1. I am an former police officer who now teaches college classes. The School is very strict on NO WEAPONS, they have this ideas that if they put there head in the sand it will never happen here. Some fellow former LEOs and my self think we may just carry anyhow. They hired us for our police knowledge so why no let us use it.

  2. Joe, isn’t is amazing how people think?

    I’m a senior in college and rape is a prominent thing here, yet we aren’t even allowed to carry pepper spray. I’m pretty athletic and able to defend myself, but if a guy has 100 lbs on me, any karate I may have learned is going to be useless and I’d much rather have a gun to ward off unwanted attackers.

  3. Ruby,

    WOW! I understand the “no gun” policy from a college’s perspective (although I disagree) but to exclude pepper spray makes no sense. It is not permanent, and they could hold you accountable if you used it in an inappropriate situation. I suggest you travel in groups at night; even two women is a much less attractive target than one.

    Be safe and thanks for stopping by!

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