7 comments on “This Guy Has Skills!

  1. Dude can drive! ‘Course, if you’re gonna drive like that, it sorta helps to have a car capable of being driven driven like that. Imagine if he had stolen a Ford Pinto and attempted that! ROFL!

    Ah well, Code 4.

    406, OUT

  2. Well, tried 3 times earlier today, the system told me the usual (my comment pending moderation), and nothing ever showed up here of the other place I posted twice. Let’s give it a shot…

    Fer sure the dude can drive! But to do that well, he has to have a car capable of that high level of performance. Imagine if he had taken off with a Ford Pinto? ROTFL

    Ah well, it’s Code 4 now.

    406, OUT

  3. Have tried 4 times last 2 days on 2 computers from 2 IP addresses to leave comments – it shows the comment I left, says it is pending moderation, and then it’s never there. Am I being moderated off the blog, or is it malfunctioning?

    406, OUT but wondering if it is working

  4. Hey—let’s be fair–

    Mr.Officer had some skills too– check out how he hit that car- and how he too managed to get by the big truck– Let’s hear it for Mr.Officer–

    fleeting felon should have taken up NASCAR driving– he would be making money instead of looking at his cell walls right now- LOL

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