6 comments on “Officer Shoots Suspect On Graphic Video

  1. Videos can only go so far. I generally agree that they can be helpful. But, as this one clearly demonstrates, what is seen in a video is still inferior to what can be seen by the officer who is closer and who has the ability to see with depth perception and to see different angles by moving his eyes. The video camera can do neither of these.

    One of the cops commenting on this said adrenalin was a bad thing. Not so – it has likely saved more lives than it has ever cost. We need to learn how to deal with and live with adrenalin, but without it cops would be much more frequently injured or killed or on the wrong side of an encounter.

    I could not get much out of the video sound – I think I finally heard some gunshots, but was still unable to be sure when/if the suspect was hit, based on his continuing to move around.

    Could the cop have used better judgment? Probably. But none of us were there with him.

    406, OUT

  2. I agree 406 – especially about the adrenaline. I have never been in a true life and death struggle (knock on wood) but I have been in a world of s$%t before, and the adrenaline was big time. It is also, as an aside, why cops die young of heart disease. Gotta keep up that cardio program!

    The most wise counsel you offer is in your closing sentence – we were not there. Period.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well I saw the gun– and it still was within proximity to this guy until he rolled away–

    For starters– this started in a hot pursuit chase- the sob would not have stopped until he crashed- and he failed to follow the cop’s orders from the word go- so whatever the cop did was something maybe I would have done too–

    These car chases are scary– I always wonder why more motorists are not killed when some ass won’t stop while being chased- given the stats- they eventually do get stopped- so why even bother to run- the cops is not going to stop in a 7-11 for coffee and donuts because he got tired of chasing him–

    Criminal- give it up- and avoid more convictions to tack on to your list! bunch of pendejos!

  4. Hi cop! by the way–

    Hugo Chavez and buds kept me busy over at Adam’s– LOL

    Hope all is well and you are getting some yasumu–(rest) I have a new friend over at Adam’s- he lives in Japan and is teaching me new words– no expletives- I guess the Japanese haven’t completely learned the western way of talking– damn it!

  5. Y’know, PC, on stopping by again, and looking at it all again, even though he did shoot, I think the cop did exercise restraint in spite of the adrenaline. At that range he COULD have head-shot the guy and that would have been “all she wrote!” Based on the perp’s ability to continue move, I must conclude that the cop deliberately did not shoot to kill, but shot to stop and did so very deliberately… either that or he was using a .22cal 😉

    To me that demonstrates the use of critical thinking to overpower the adrenaline rush.

    I also think it’s not completely appropriate to apply purely military training to this situation. That’s in reference to the Marine (God bless ’em ALL!) who made the statement about how they were trained to attack (or not) an ambush. Fact of the matter is that not all military training (tactical or otherwise) is necessarily directly transferable to civilian policing (remembering that in the most accurate sense of the word, cops on the street are civilians, too) on the streets of cities.

    Happy St Paddy’s Day, boys and girls! Have a pint o’ Killian’s today and raise a mug to the boys and girls in blue!

    406, OUT

  6. 406…

    Thanks for coming on by. My readership seems to be waining a bit. Perhaps I need to spice up the material a bit.

    In any case, I agree with you on the adrenaline rush and control. It can be a monumental task.

    Happy St. Patricks!!!!

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