5 comments on “Words Matter And The Media Sells NYPD Officers Out

  1. I apologize, and you are correct. I was being too general. I am sorry that is the issue you focused on after reading the post, but I thank you for the heads-up. I will make the correction now…


  2. I remember this story– it has been a couple years- tough one for me to have an opinion– I think maybe the police got carried away with the shooting- but then, how would one react if one thinks they are acting in self-defense-

    that cabaret looks like a rat hole– I would definitely wonder what kind of people hang out there– what a shit hole it is– remind me not to go there to celebrate my last night of being single when and if I get married-

  3. the slaying of bridegroom is a way to play on the sentiments– He was getting married– oops- I guess getting married would absolve him of any criminal activity?

  4. Well, they’ve all been acquitted – not guilty. Oh, there was the usual pissin and moanin, but the NY Times said a judge in Queens said not guilty. Seems there were too many conflicting stories in the testimony against them. Not to mention some little detail about the officers being run down by a v ehicle…

    406, OUT

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