7 comments on “Ferraro Speaks The Truth On Obama – This Is Ridiculous

  1. I’m really not sure. In any other election I would agree, his resume would be far too weak to get him anywhere. However, this race is different, it’s almost as if having experience is more of a liability this time around. After all, George Bush had plenty of experience, and look where we are now. I think Obama is making that point very well and I think that’s what’s gotten him as far as he is, not the fact that he’s black.

    In fact, I would think that being anything but white would be more of a hindrance in a presidential race. I don’t see any motivation for supporting a black candidate simply because he’s black. The story is that people might do this to make themselves look more tolerant (whether their tolerance is sincere or not). But come on, all you would have to do is SAY you support Barack to gain that air of tolerance. People wouldn’t be coming out in such masses and winning primaries for him if all they wanted was to come off as “accepting.”

    I think what we’re seeing is a desire for an escape form the status quo represented by McCain and, to some extent, Clinton. Obama is the change the public seeks.

  2. Nobody would be in the position they are if there skin or gender was different. I think she was wrong in her implication that Obama is not where he is because of his talents. I’m not surprised the Clinton campaign decided to let her go for that.

  3. Yep. Being colorblind would be best if EVERYBODY were colorblind. But, alas, tain’t so.

    406, OUT

  4. Thank you all for the great discussion. I guess it comes down to this: Whoever wins that nomination is going up against the “ultimate” white male. So we shall test all of your valid and interesting theories…


  5. this whole campaign between Obama and Hillary is becoming a racial issue and I am sick of it–

    I just hope the people don’t vote for the wrong reasons- ( to prove a point)

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