4 comments on “Officer Matthew Morelli Killed

  1. I live in Australia next door to Sydney’s grandparents. sydney is matthew’s daughter. this devestating loss effects us all. No child should have to suffer this loss at such a young age. She is the spitting image of her father and i can only pray that the rumors of suicide and the publicity of his death will not hurt her and that in her heart she knew her dad was a strong and honerable man,

    jemima. NSW Australia

  2. The Father of Slain Omaha Nebraska Police Officer Tye Pratt ( who was shot and killed 9.19.03 ) has honored Ofc. Matthew Morelli by sending:

    A “Portrait Tye Band” ( shown above ) for the parents.


    A Tye Band of Ofc. Morelli’s Patch ( shown below ) was sent to his agency.


    You can see the Tye Bands on his memorial page at:


    Please pass on His memorial page which is hosted on…


    If you have any questions Please feel free to contact: Mr. Mike Pratt Sr. ( Officer TYE Pratt’s father ) at his home phone 402.359.2249, Office phone 402.359.5539 or if no answer Cell (402) 850-4948

    Respectfully Yours,

    Lora Daum
    Tye Band Legacy Team Member

    The Tye Band Company
    “The Bands that TYE us ALL Together”
    Keeping His Legacy ALIVE !

    http://www.OfficerPratt.org & http://www.TyeBand.com

  3. this is so good of you to post these officer’s names so they are not just another death–

    so sad!! I sure don’t like reading about these tragedies!

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