6 comments on “Agent Jarod Dittman and Officer James Fazette Killed

  1. Thank you for your concern, Jarod was my nephew and we were very close. I know he is a hero this week, but I hope he and every other officer always remain that way.

  2. As a cop in the UK I am thankfully relatively untouched personally by officer deaths…. but the big BUT is that I get a shiver down my spine whenever I hear of one. Thanks for your efforts to shine a light on a hidden subject. Go safely…..

  3. Jarod was my Son and I am going through the grieving for such a loss that no parent should go through..my many yhanks for all of our Law Enforcement officers and his fellow agents do not go unapprieciated. Thank you to you all

  4. Mr. Dittman,

    I am so sorry for this. I hope it helps in some small way to know that your son’s death is different. It is different because we all know that he was our colleague and brother.

    Cops don’t like to talk about it, but the reason we go to cop funerals is because we want the world to see that Jarod’s death WAS different. That we DO care MORE that he died doing this work.

    Take care of yourself and feel free to email if you would like. philosophicalcop@gmail.com

    God Bless,


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