14 comments on “Officers Acquitted In Sean Bell Shooting – This Is No OJ Simpson Case

  1. 406,
    I guess I was a bit hasty, sorry. That’s the problem with only communicating with someone online: No tone of voice or facial expression so things can easily be taken the wrong way.

    To try to answer your questions:

    I didn’t mean to say everyone only has negative experiences (I did word that poorly, I realize). Only that those who do tend to have a bias against cops because, like you said, they see it as the norm.

    From my standpoint, it’s true I have only had a few and they have been far in-between but the few I’ve had weren’t exactly pleasant. I’m not saying I have a bias against cops, but can see how someone would.

    I never meant to imply that I hate cops because of that one instance (I don’t). Although, I DO hate her. I can’t help it. I just meant that I’m not going to automatically assume that the cop’s version is correct, nor would I assume it isn’t.

  2. I did a post on that I think you would like the reading. Please feel free to check it out. I enjoy your post. I don’t get a chance to browse to much though. Be Safe…

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