7 comments on “Hillary Is Done; Obama Wins

  1. I think Obama is better for all people. Police officers, doctors, dentists, McDonalds employees, so on and so forth. McCain doesn’t seem like a reasonable option to me considering that he wants to do all of the same things that Bush has been doing for the past 8 years. A 3rd Bush term? No way Jose. No way! Barack Obama is the only reasonable choice. He will turn this country around.

  2. Egg…

    Thanks for the input. I certainly hope you are right. I have only two initial concerns: I love the rhetoric about change, which we need, but it seems so hyped now…with no solid ideas. I have not heard him say ONE specific thing about policy changes, etc. I also know that this is politics to some degree…

    Also, his wife seems to be brilliant, although even with her Ivy League, high-class world lifestyle, she talks about her plight and how terrible life has been. Hmmmmmm.

    Let’s see what comes around once there really are only two candidates.


  3. If Obama wins, we are screwed…..watch our taxes go through the roof to pay for his ‘people for a perfect world’ socialist programs.

    I’m not a McCain fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I despise Obama…..

    Cant we just add a ‘none of the above are acceptable’ line to the ballot?…

  4. I have a “Cop” question that has noting to with anything on your Blog. Is there a way to contact you outside the blog or shall I just post it and let you moderate it?


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