4 comments on “Obama Campaign Mistake “Craps” on Portland Police

  1. Mistakes happen, but good old fashioned common sense dictates that Obama should apologise, regardless of whether he knew about it or not.

    These kinds of incidents rightly draw a lot of attention, but even more BAD attention is drawn when theres no apology.

  2. Actually the received an apology a few days ago… May 30th to be exact:

    On Friday, Robert King, president of the Portland Police Association, announced he had received an apology from the Obama campaign.

    The letter from Rob Hill, the Obama state director, to Police Chief Rosie Sizer and to King says:

    We want to assure you and your fellow officers that no disrespect was intended. An unacceptable error in judgment was made while trying to accommodate disabled supporters. The Obama campaign takes full responsibility and apologizes for any pain this incident may have caused.


  3. Rob,

    Thank you for keeping me honest! I think it really was just a lapse, but I can’t imagine what the staffer on the ground was thinking. When the porta-johns showed up, I would think you would just veto it on the spot (no pun intended).

    Take care and keep up the good work,


  4. I want to know if Hillary gets on the ticket as VP and Obama wins the election, WHO IS going to be answering that 3:00 a.m. phone call? LOL

    Obama sure has many blunders!

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