19 comments on “Black Community “Leader” Covers Up The Truth

  1. Hey there– just checking in to see if you have posted anything new and to see if 406 has been around– I like 406– pretty sharp person!


  2. I work in the bay area and I too have seen terrible things. Unfortunately, some of these things have been polarized by so called
    “community leaders” and we, the police are always caught in the middle. I didn’t get into this job so I could chose who I wanted to help and why. I got in to this job because I wanted to save lives. So many of us feel your frustration. Sadly, it will not end. As each day passes, the thin blue line stretches even thinner.

  3. to skins112–

    but then there are people like myself who truly appreciates the great service you all do to try to keep us safe! I couldn’t do the job– so my son does it for me! But I will get involved when I see something is criminal– and I don’t even think about getting hurt!

    Happy 4th!

  4. Hey, Susan and PC and Skins112!

    Sinks – I agree with your thought. But I also remind that the thin blue line had always been thin and will always be thin. I have absolute faith that it will always be there – some days thinner, some days thicker, but always there.

    I’m proud to have been part of that thin blue line, and I continue to be proud to be able to be what thin part of it I can be.

    Susan – it’s so neat to have supporters and folks who realize what cops have to put up with.

    And PC – it’s so nice to have someone like you put up a blog that can let anybody who stops by to see that the folks who make up the thin blue line can think, walk, and talk, and have morals, and all the things that other normal people do.

    I have a thin blue line on my car because I’m proud. I know some cops look with disdain on that display, and they have their reasons. I don’t disparage them. I’m just one who is proud enough to have that small, unobtrusive display of a thin blue line on a black background.

    Keep the faith, all! (I was right busy on the 4th weekend, working the mobile command post for boat races on 3rd and 4th – thankfully no major incidents or injuries. The thin blue line and thin red line did a great job – both paid and volunteer folks!)

    406, OUT

  5. Sorry about the horrendous typo, Skins… My fingers get dyslexic sometimes and type the wrong letter first… I know you’re not “Sinks…”

    406, eating humble pie, and OUT

  6. When I went to NY the cops were all, yes all, jerks.

    Then I hear about my friend being taken into a black SUV during a raid he was not apart of and then forced to sign a confession to seeing certain things that he had not seen.

    I’ve been displeased with NYPD for multiple reasons. But then again, they are only making 35K. I make that in 4 months!

  7. It’s not a good sign for the humanity. This issue has turned around intensively and the abuse is to be suspected though. I think that child abuse would be serious enough for leaders to finally step up and challenge the Black community to break their silence. But it seems a different story.

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