6 comments on “President Bush Commutes Sentences – Common Sense Prevails

  1. I too was happy, but I think they should have received a full pardon so that it does not remain on their records. Now, this will follow them around still. The fact is, they were used to make a political example of. Neither side should use them as an example, the “victim” was not just someone trying to come to get a job or work, he was a murderer and drug-dealer.

  2. I would agree with you 100% if it wasn’t for the lying and the picking up the shell casings. It seems to me that most cops by now – federal and otherwise – know that once you shoot, there will be an investigation. That investigation includes evidence collection, etc.

    They should have gone by the book, and then I would support a full pardon.

    Either way, this is better than an unjust sentence.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. President Bush absolutely did what he should have in this situation; I find that most, if not all, of the commutations and pardons he has issued have been fair and have stirred little if any controversy. What really made my blood boil about this particular case was the assertion that this unarmed ILLEGAL immigrant’s 4th Amendment rights were violated…excuse me? Those Constitutional rights belong to U.S. citizens, NOT to people who are breaking the law just by crossing the border. Groups such as the ACLU make me see red; they are NOT American Civil Liberties, they are Anybody Civil Liberties.

  4. They shot their unarmed prisoner, trying to surrender, in the backside, then tried to cover it up. A federal jury convicted them. They belong in prison with other violent criminals.

  5. I applaud Bush for commuting their sentences — it was harsh and excessive. A pardon would have been a grave mistake. They broke the law and lied about it. Abusive sentences don’t mean that someone is innocent.

  6. Texastoast – I understand your feelings completely. I guess what bothers me is that I see murderers – cold blooded, ambush street killers – get probation for a first offense.

    Either way, what they did is certainly troublesome. Thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts…


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