5 comments on “Jewish Police Officer Settles With Vegas – What Do You Think?

  1. This guy had to rise to the status of detective. He was not born that way. It would be logical to assume that his religous observances would have been addressed long before this incident. I do not know of many agencies that permit the growing of beards unless it is within a specialized group like a drug task force or something like it. How is it that this was not a problem for him during his academy training or as a uniformed officer.

    Of course the story doesn’t provide alot of detail, but if his right to follow his religous observance was granted ( as a matter of principal of course ) and he was not affected financially, what purpose could be served by seeking monetary damages as well.

    Personally, I don’t feel that he should have been awarded any more than the total of his legal fees.

  2. Good points all, 10eight. I wonder if this came out of years of problems with the issue?

    I hope an attorney comes by the blog and lets us know if the department is REQUIRED to allow this…

  3. I doubt they changed the rules overnight. He went into this profession knowing what was required.

    He specifically made choices that put him in this position.

    His fault, not the city.

  4. He agreed to the uniform standards when he got hired. Stop whining and deal or get a different career that doesn’t have uniform and appearance standards…

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