3 comments on “Ask A Cop – Worth Its Own Blog?

  1. I haven’t seen that many ‘ask a cop’ questions. Even so, I’d really be tempted to separate those questions into their own blog and encourage people to post. I suppose you have to weed out the trolls and flames from the real questions, but there you are.

  2. Not so sure. I think your personal blogs and your answers are intertwined. Coincidentally I just read this from the Roanoke Cop: http://roavapd.blogspot.com/2009/02/unwanted-arrest.html

    It really did a beautiful job of “humanizing” (for lack of a better word) both asker and answerer. On a second blog the message might have been lost; sure, you can link to it, but will people take the time to click through to an additional blog? I also wonder if there would be a significant difference in audience and thus, traffic. Or not, and it would be redundant.

    I think I’m talking in circles. 🙂 You could make it a regular feature on a certain day of week, on your own blog. Or… start a new group blog!

  3. I think you both make good points. Many of the questions are emailed to me, so I don’t get to publishing them here. On the other hand, I think probably Ms. Miller is on to something. I’ll have to ponder this further…

    Thanks for the input!

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