8 comments on “Fresno Police Arrest Video – Hang On A Second

  1. “Phil”:
    Have to say after watching the video TWICE..and then reading your post, this perp DEFINITELY qualified for a “tune up”…or at least a “Temple Turban” (Philly term).

    Stay safe.


  2. Ok. I watched it twice and here’s what I saw. The officers are trying to get the handcuffs on the alleged criminal, who is resisting. The criminal doesn’t want to be handcuffed, and he doesn’t want to go to jail. By the look of things, the two police aren’t quite able to completely overpower the criminal, so rather than use their tazer and put their own careers at risk, they continue to wrestle. One cop delivers several punches to the criminals face or head, which is just plain foolish because that’s how you end up with a broken hand. That’s what I think the cop has, by the way, as you can see him favoring his hand after the cuffs are on.

    The cop doing the punching is probably pretty hot. His hand hurts and the alleged criminal has given he and his partner a nasty time of it. I doubt that the alleged criminal was thoroughly searched prior to the wrestling match, so there is every chance in the world that this man is trying to get his hands on a gun or a knife and get it working, and that’s going to add a few more degrees of heat to both officers.

    The only thing I saw that was out of line is at the end. The cop with the sore hand is resting his knee on the alleged criminal’s neck, and that is wrong. The officer should get a verbal, off the record reprimand and supporting lecture from one or more superiors, and that’s the end of the matter.

    Anyway, that’s what I think, right, reason or none.

  3. I’m a civilian, so there might be some tactical part I’m missing, but I don’t have a problem with what I do see. The force used by the police appears proportional to the resistance used by the arrestee, and does not appear to have been punitive or to have continued once the subject was under control and restrained.

  4. I’m gonna have to disagree with you, Mad Jack. This use of force all looked fine to me.

    Although there certainly is a risk of injury to your hand when you punch someone, you go too far when you say that it’s foolish. It’s just another technique, and sometimes it’s the best one available.

    Also, it looked to me like the cop on the left put kneeled between the suspect’s shoulders after the suspect started struggling again. Even if there’s some incidental pressure on the neck from something like that, I see nothing wrong with his actions.

  5. Thank you all for coming by. I think there are interesting viewpoints here. Probably the best lesson is that we have to wait for the officers to be interviewed, etc. before we decide.

    I will say that my department has been discouraging punches of late, due to the broken hand issue. But sometimes it is ALL you have. Plus it seems to have worked quite nicely.

    The community “outrage” (or at least that of it which is available online) seems to be shrinking precipitously, so that might mean that calmer heads have prevailed.

    Keep up the good conversation!

  6. No issues here. If he didn’t act like a savage, then he wouldn’t have recieved those strikes to the noggin. I am glad the Officers are ok.
    Police work aint pretty, but it needs to get done!

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