7 comments on “Not Everyone Is A Fan

  1. It’s this kind of stuff that gives me heartburn. I always tell them “if cops are so corrupt, why don’t YOU apply and show them how to do it?”. They’ve never taken me up on the offer.

    It still makes me sick.

  2. Well, for every one of him (her?) out there, I suspect they are many more people who value and appreciate what the police do in protecting us and making our lives safer and better.

  3. Myself and many of my fellow officers severed in the armed forces and renewed our oath to up hold the constitution which includes the bill of rights. So this guy has the right to say what ever he wants and I have fought to give him that right. However it makes me sad when we try our best to do a good job and protect the public and we hear this kind of rant. I have dealt with numerous people of this caliber and when it all comes down to it, they are the first ones to call 911 when someone does something to them and they need us. Then after the situation is handled and they are safe once again then the negative comments come back out. Everyone has the right to free speech I may not like what they have to say but that is why we live in America. So, with that said now I have the right to say I think this guy is a pompous uneducated ass that will never get ahead in life with such a bad attitude.

  4. It is funny how the statement makes references to the people that save those who make them. I remember a friend of mine was on a call to an anti-government nut who was being attacked at his home by a home invasion team.

    The perpetrators were caught trying to slice the guy’s throat. According to my police officer friend, he became quiet and never looked at police officers the same way again.

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