6 comments on “Lisker Will Be Free / A Lesson For Cops Everywhere

  1. I hope the man is able to forgive those who wronged him. Anger and vengeance can absolutely eat you alive, and unless you can let go of it you’ll be in misery the rest of your life.

    What bothers me about this kind of situation is the obstructive behavior of the government. People have been exonerated through DNA evidence, and even after grounds for a retrial have been established, the DOJ refuses to move and refuses to allow the accused out of prison. That troubles me greatly.

    • I think they believe they have other evidence that convicts the person, given that DNA science is not perfect. But I agree with you on one point, and that is money. If MONEY was not the real consideration here, there would be much more extensive use of DNA…

  2. Interesting idea, Gwendolyn. I agree that the prosecutors play a part here. On the one hand, if the cops were completely incompetent, then the prosecutors should have caught it. On the other hand, however, I know that prosecutors rely on the case delivered to them by us, and that a case can be “sold” by the cops…

    In any case I feel for this guy for certain!

  3. On the other hand, I have a murder case where I have a very fresh,distinctive bite mark on the suspect’s hand that a forensic odontologist matched with my crackhead victim’s uniquely mangled teeth.

    The prosecutor won’t follow up with it because DNA (semen) found on the victim’s thigh doesn’t match my suspect. My victim was a hooker. She was in the middle of turning a trick when the suspect found them on the property and confronted them. The john fled,leaving the victim trying to gather her clothing when she was attacked.

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