2 comments on “My Opinion On The Seattle Video

  1. I strongly agree with your first point, never to judge a video at face value. I recall one video in particular shown on TV news about a woman being taken out of her vehicle via Tazer. The TV version looked for all the world like the worst kind of abuse, but if you found the entire video on the Internet and watched it a much, much different picture was painted. The woman was a criminal who didn’t want to be arrested, and so was practicing a combination of passive aggression and authoritative dismissal. She belonged in jail.

    The kicking of the shoe is non-harmful. The girl kicked a tennis shoe, which is an act of adolescent defiance and anger. So she kicked one – big deal, let her kick the other one and shut the door. She’ll stew in her own juice for a while and tomorrow she can tell the whole thing to the judge.

    Ignoring any extenuating circumstances to explain this, I still think the officer’s attack was unjustified.

  2. I’d have to agree with Mad Jack. Could the officer try to justify his response based on her actions? Sure, using some technicalities. In my state her actions would technically be an aggravated assault. But so what.

    There comes a point where common sense and calmer minds have to prevail. Reasonable and necessary. It doesn’t appear to be either at face value.

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