2 comments on “NYPD NYFD Overtime: Well Done, Chaps!

  1. are you serious?
    what other job is raking in that kind of money after 5 years WITHOUT OT.
    you have benefits for the rest of your life, job secuirty, and half pay after 20 years.
    Your retiring at 42?
    seriously the rest of us can;t even get social security until we are what 65?
    you guys have your heads in the sand.
    Im not even going to get into the 3/4 pay you jacks get for “getting hurt” and then go work some other job. yea real disabled.

    the average government worker (read: you) makes DOUBLE that of the average private enterpise worked. and now youw ant MORE?
    theres reason america is in trouble pal, and its policies just like this.

    Answer me this what level of skill does it take to be a police officer?
    how many times have you written a ticket/summons for something you yourself do on a regular basis?

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!! get a real job and live like the rest of us for a couple years.
    YOu have no idea how good you have it.

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