16 comments on “Oakland And Now Pittsburgh; A Call To Arms

    • How many times – dozens, if not hundreds, has it taken exactly that. I wonder if you and I could start a new police department from scratch and do it right? Would we have to start with revolvers and ’69 Matadors as squads? HA!

      I just wish the politicians understood it is better, and frankly cheaper, to equip us now than to wait for the event and react later.

      Take care and stay safe Ro-

  1. Sad to say, I feel that too many of our LEOS in cities these days are outnumbered AND outgunned.
    I suppose that’s where the ‘average law-abiding citizen” comes in…

    But when you start having ONE officer for EVERY 1600+ people, especially with the level of VIOLENCE we see today…something is inherently WRONG with THAT number.

    It really bothers me when routine stops or calls become something to be feared on a regular basis.
    That’s not right.

    But it IS what our LEOs face every single day.
    Remember them…AND the sacrifices made.

    Stay safe.

    • I agree, especially regarding cop-to-citizen ratio. It is interesting in these economic times that governments are letting cops go. Seems like we might want MORE of us around when people start getting pissed off at the government.

  2. Those officers that give their lives to protect and serve are the greatest Heroes to us all. It’s a shame that they pay the ultimate sacrifice for us.

    More people are needed to fill the roles of Law Enforcement. I recently came across a site with a great article about how and why crime rates can decrease (and alot of other great articles about public safety). http://www.publicsafetydegrees.com/articles/wanted.php
    Hopefully you will learn a few things from it like I did.

    Bless all of our Law Enforcement officers and I hope each and every one remains safe from harm.

  3. In my agency, every officer has access to their choice of MP-5 or AR-15 once certified in their use.

    And would you believe, we have guys who choose not to take anything out? It’s not always management. Often, but not always.

  4. Many departments are finally getting around to patrol rifles, but is there a way to strap a rifle to a bike for those motors officers like Oakland?

  5. I’ve been following the stories on CNN as they were happening. It’s tragic.

    I feel strongly about each police officer being trained on special weapons skills and have the fire power available that can help suppress hundreds of bullets of automatic fire.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. as an alameda county deputy i thank god every day that i turned down “the town” of oakland for the county. if you don’t, ask someone who does, to pray for EVERY cop in a big city department.

    i have also been waiting for your take on the b.a.r.t. cop killing. my take: thanks for making the rest of us with super german names look bad. everyone already thinks we are gestapo agents.

  7. Every officer on patrol should have a rifle and a shotgun with abundant ammo ready and available to him. I don’t understand why both of these would not be standard equipment for everyone.

    Now, that being the case, I would not issue fully automatic weapons of any kind to police until we mere civilians can own one without special licensing or permission.

  8. With so many cops out there who can’t even control their urges with forms of lesser force such as mace and tasers, do you really think that what cops need is more wepons? Deadlier weapons? You fuckers are crazy and scary as shit. Please calm down now. For you all to relax is the best thing you could give to the image of your profession. Don’t ever forget your here to take beer from kids and give old ladies speeding tickets, not fight out blazing gun battles against druglords and terrorists. That’s what we have s.w.a.t. and millitary for. If you want a bigger penis, I mean wepon stop being a cop. That easy.

    • I know your just trying to illicit some sort of knee jerk response, but…look at things like Columbine, Mumbai or the North Hollywood Bank Robbery , a lot of times, you cannot wait for SWAT or the like. If the first police officer on scene, able to place 3-4 well trained rifle rounds into an active shooter, you’ve just prevented that criminal/terrorist from causing further harm to the public.

      • I think that is exactly what I mean. Isn’t it interesting that we let (require) all cops to carry pistols, which are pretty tough to shoot well, yet limit their use of other, more inherently accurate weapons like rifles?

      • the criminal/terrorist?….. really, stop a lot of terrorists lately? exactly what did the cops do in columbine that would warrant greater firepower? you marched around in your uniforms barking out orders at teenagers way too late to save anyone. and i’m pretty sure it didn’t take an M16 to take down a couple of highschoolers in trench coats. you pigs have a truly distorted sense of self worth.

        • I am interested in your description of the Columbine kids. True they were teenagers, and yes they wore trenchcoats. But are you actually saying that they were a threat that did not justify using a rifle? On what basis could you make that claim? What weapons system would you recommend? Or are you, as I suspect, simply trying to fire up an argument?

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