3 comments on “Oakland PD Support

  1. Thank you very much for the posting about the fundraiser. To answer a few questions: I do not have any affiliation to the O.P.D. except for the fact that I am an 18 veteran Officer, and can only imagine the difficulties the surviving family members and friends must be suffering. This is my humble contribution to their situation. As stated this is 100% non-profit. I have a goal, and that is to raise as much money by the end of Police Memorial Week and forward the total amount to the established trust funds. I have had individuals contact my Department to see if this is legitimate and that I am an Officer. Please do the same if you have questions. Be safe and take care.

    Detective Larry Miller
    Evanston Police Department
    Evanston, IL. 60201

  2. North Oakland is my home ~ and it was a sad, sad day for this tired city. I really do feel for all their families. I have already donated to the trust funds, but I also just ordered a t-shirt to show my support.


  3. Most police get what they deserve. Any idiot can become a cop, that is why you have so many corrupt unintelligent officers out there. Not all of them are bad but most become cops because they have power hungry personalities. I have no sympathy for cops killed on the job.

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