6 comments on “New Jersey Police Beating; Here We Go Again

  1. Wish there had been a video recently when a local LEO was involved in a fatal shooting. Let me give brief summary:
    Off duty detective in neighborhood hears shots fired, calls it in to 911 apparently to have EMS and LE dispatched. Local deputy arrives, confronts shooter. Shooter says he was shooting at deer in his tater patch. This is approx 2200hrs EDT. According to deputy, man turned to deputy, drew handgun, pointed at deputy, deputy fired til threat abated (man down). Died later that night after being airlifted to trauma center.

    Now community is filling with hate for officer. “Why the overkill?” (8 shots) “Why didn’t he just shoot him in his arm?” (gimme a friggin break!) “If my friend wanted to shoot him (the officer) he would already be dead.” etc, etc. See the comments at:

    I am so angry over the way some of these people are responding. I don’t believe I can respond adequately on the blog where this stuff is posted.

    Color me pissed – and frustrated!

    406, OUT

  2. Oh and let me add: When man who was shot was approached, he was found to have loaded 9mm handgun IN HIS HAND, a loaded .22 cal handgun in his waistband, and a huge cache of weapons in his house. The deputy who did the shooting is suffering much emotional and mental pain over this. And all these people can do is bitch about how young he was, etc.

    406, OUT

    • While I might agree on the result, I am surprised to hear a PI being so immediate in their conclusion. Might I assume you generally work for plaintiffs who are suing the police?

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