14 comments on “Police Layoffs, Furloughs, And Pay Cuts

  1. I am a police officer in the south suburbs of Chicago and we were just informed yesterday that the city is planning on laying off 4-6 full time officers. We only have 20 full time officers. The city owns a golf course and is spending large amounts of money on golf carts and other non-essentials yet wants to lay off police officers.

  2. As voting day will soon be here for local voters, everyone must vote yes on proposals to help public safety. With the economic problems that all cities are encountering during this recession public safety is still needed more than ever. Cities are cutting budgets left and right and when Police and fire fighters get the cut, mine as well as your safety is at risk. So help public safety and vote yes on all proposals that will keep law enforcement jobs so they are there for you when you need them.

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