4 comments on “Tragedy in Tacoma

  1. I can’t find the words to express how I feel, some of those thoughts I’ll keep private. Very heart-wrenching though to think of what happened, my heart goes out to the families of these Officers.

    Be safe.

  2. “Phil”:
    In my book, the best way to off ANY of these animals is to hire an assassin to assassinate the assassin…period.

    Now, I’ve been around for a while (57 years) and I don’t really know WHEN this LEVEL of disrespect for the police came into fashion.

    MY guess would be sometime in the late 70s…
    There seemed to be SOME dynamic that changed things forever.
    Could have been the advent of certain controlled substances, could have been liberalism run amok…could have been a judicial system wanting to “understand” criminals instead of doing away with them (and them from the public)…maybe a combo of all of these…and more.

    I hope people don’t just up an say that an AMBUSH is the tactic of a coward…such just is NOT the case.
    A SNIPER will prefer an ambush…as did the guerilla Vietcong in ‘Nam.
    An AMBUSH is a great equalizer.

    But…you also have to realize that in THIS particular case, the perp was not cowardly in the manner he attacked and killed the officers.
    His attack was that of a PLANNED strategy…and our FLAWED judicial system.
    And THAT is always a recipe for disaster.

    I feel it’s high time we let the LEOs across this nation do what we should also be allowing our TROOPS to do overseas…namely, THEIR JOBS.
    Seek out the enemy, eliminate them, and you WILL protect the innocents.
    But hey, that’s just *my* opinion.

    Stay safe & keep your head on a swivel.

  3. You will never be ‘finished’ unless you believe it. Fight – never give up, never quit, never say ‘die.’

  4. I have to agree with Bob G. about wishing cops could “be proactive” in stopping evil people like this before they commit another crime. I bet every single cop who interacted with this dreck knew he was evil and would go on to do worse, but they were not allowed to dispense on-the-spot justice. Maybe every judge on a bench should have to work as a cop on the streets first to have a realistic perspective. I don’t know how to sort out who could safely be deputized to carry out summary street justice on these criminals, but believe me, most of us in Tacoma wholeheartedly sympathize with the desire to do so.

    For every evil person you encounter in a day, there are a hundred of us out there who wish you well, and we are heartbroken for the families, friends and comrades of these officers. You don’t hardly ever see us because we are out there living decently, just going about our business, and if we do call the police it’s to help someone else.

    For what it’s worth, we deeply appreciate how you all put your lives on the line so we can carry on with those safe, ordinary lives, and you are in our prayers.

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