3 comments on “We’re Syndicated! (Sort of…)

  1. Congrats!! I too am blogging over there and am honored to be in such good company. Like you, I agreed to blog there based on the great content. I’ve found James Gunter to be a good editor, too.

    I did hesitate because I want Cops 2.0 to be “vendor neutral,” but 1) we have no affiliate arrangement and 2) ultimately the bigger picture for me is whether vendors seek to build communities with their customers. James is doing a hell of a job with that and I do stand behind his efforts.

    Again congrats, can’t wait to see what you blog there!

  2. I looked around a bit on The Crime Report, interesting site. I skimmed just a few of the articles but I’ll be going back to read them again. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Good luck to you on the blog as well.

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