About Me

I have been a cop in one of America’s largest cities for over a decade.  I have spent time in various police assignments, from patrol to the fight against terrorism.  I have done this in million dollar neighborhoods and poor ghettos.  Ten years of this would change anyone, and I see things differently now.  I hope you will, too.

I hope this blog will be a conversation, not a lecture!  Feel free to email me with questions or comments:  philosophicalcop@gmail.com


28 comments on “About Me

  1. Hey Philosophical Cop, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Any idea if/when you’re planning on returning to it?

  2. A cop recently came to my apartment to file a theft report. ID theft, bank fraud. The cop was competent and civil after an initial caution as I opened my door. When he saw that I was a decent, civilized human being, and my apartment didn’t look like a crack house, he even seemed concerned.

    I was getting vibes from this cop, and I wasn’t averse to feeling stimulated by his presence. It almost seemed he might be interested.

    Upon leaving, he kindly reminded me to lock my door.

    What would have happened if I had propositioned him?

    Was I in danger with such thoughts?

    Hey, I’m not a criminal. Just a human being who is feeling lonely.

  3. Hello, here’s an idea for a new discussion that seems to fit in with your blog. I often read the obvious truth that Public Safety jobs are dangerous, and that police/firefighters should be paid (or respected, or whatever the topic is about) because they ‘run in while others run out’.

    I agree the jobs are dangerous. I’ve been an Army Officer, rock-climber and scuba diver, and now I have an office job. A recent personality test I took at work noted that my personality type thrives on adrenaline, and often seeks out dangerous careers such as firefighting. When not in such a vocation, we often compensate with risky hobbies, like rock-climbing.

    So my theory is that police officers are drawn, at least when young, to the thrills, danger and romance of the job, and would not be happy teaching music, working in finance, or selling pharmaceuticals. This isn’t a critique of your career choice whatsoever, but to me it takes some of the wind out of any argument that “our job is dangerous, therefore we deserve….”.


    • I will think on this. Only issue I can envision is that most of the followers of this space are NOT cops, they are served by cops. But it is an outstanding idea. Give me some time to mull it over.

    • I’d like to comment on this. I’ve been a Police Officer for over five years now. What you say is true to a degree, like all things there are shades of grey when it comes to who chooses to become a police officer or fire fighter. Some have a desire to possess the power that comes with being a Police Officer. Some departments and academies are good a weeding these people out, some are not. Some, like you say, seek out the high risk part of the job. Lets face it, being a Police Officer is fun, exciting, fulfilling, important, etc, etc. When it comes to it though, when a cop is asked to respond to the domestic in progress or shots fired, only a certain portion of the population are going to be able, willing and trained to respond to this, and handle it professionally. Good Doctors are paid more than the rest of us because they are good, highly trained, and what they do is important to the point that they affect the course of people’s lives on a daily basis. I’m never going to become rich being a cop. I’m never going to stop being a cop as long as I can make the bills doing it, because I love it so much. I would never turn down raise that would give me more than the 33K a year I make now. Now what if someone was good a being a cop, but hated it. Could he then say, “my job is dangerous, therefore we deserve…”

  4. Greetings,

    I am emailing you because I enjoyed your blog and would like to feature your site by adding a permanent link to your blog on my three blogs, “Kindergarten Cop, Officer Friendly and Watch Dawg Tally” and request that you do the same.

    About Me:
    My name is Dustin Brock. I am currently a 7-year veteran sworn law enforcement officer working as a Deputy Sheriff for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in North Florida. I also have a 4-year B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from the Univ. of West Florida.

    I have just started out doing my own blogs and am kind of enjoying it. I want to increase my networking in law enforcement through these blogs. If you could, visit my blogs and give me some critiques. I would really appreciate it. Here is a list of my blogs:

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