4 comments on “NYPD Brooklyn South Detectives; Crooked and Dumb

  1. I see this is the story which was in the article–

    no excuse for being dishonest– No excuse

    but an increase in pay would help–

    You said free coffee is ok– does that mean I can’t give them free donuts? lol

    Hey- there is always one bad apple– but this does not take away from you guys being the best– we need you– big time!

  2. I agree on that. There were issues like this in New Orleans, and the cops were doing murder for hire hits on the side!

    The new chief came in and doubled their salaries; the problems almost completely disappeared. Good thoughts…


  3. I think I could almost get by the theft but murder– yikes–

    I am headed to the past posts to see what I have missed– I have 30 minutes to spend and why not here?

    Are you talking about the new chief for the NYPD Brooklyn or New Orleans? So this would be recent? Post please an article?

  4. would like to find out more on Brooklyn South Detectives- I just filed a complaint with internal affairs- as I believe the detective did some shady acts at a Murder crime scene

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